Beitrag zum Klimaschutz

Schienenverkehr und Holzschwellen als CO2-Senker

Wussten Sie schon, dass der Einsatz von Holzschwellen im Schienenverkehr einen erheblichen Beitrag zum Klimaschutz leistet?

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Society for Research on Wooden Railway Sleepers (Studiengesellschaft für Holzschwellenoberbau e.V.)

For more than 150 years wooden sleepers have been an essential and successful element of railway tracks.

In the last decades wooden sleepers experienced some challenges, but all of those have been met.

Our group represents the most important producers, impregnators and users in Germany and adjoining countries. Our members provide the best possible solutions for users from the following product range:

  • Regular sleepers made from beech, oak and pine
  • sleepers for switches made from oak and pine
  • sleepers for bridges made from oak and pine
  • other sleepers, as per customer's specs.
  • fixation material and rails as well as accessories for track.

Raw sleepers are produced according to specifications given in the new European standard, DIN EN 13145 (Railway applications - Track - Wood sleepers and bearers), which follows the UIC-Code 863 closely as well as DIN 68 811 (Impregnation of wooden sleepers for main tracks with creosote).

The further processing steps (Planning, drilling, pre-assembly etc.) is mostly done in impregnation plants controlled by the individual national railway companies (DB, ÖBB, SBB or comparable).

Regarding the treatment process the past years brought significant improvements by switching over to the new creosote WEI-C type with a benzo(a)pyren content of less than 50 ppm and a modified impregnation process.

Upon request our members offer a full service as well: recovered materials can be taken back and re-used, recycled, or disposed in accordance with national rules and regulations.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the improved wooden sleepers, please contact us!

Society for Research on Wooden Railway Sleepers

Rainer Schimmelpfennig