Beitrag zum Klimaschutz

Schienenverkehr und Holzschwellen als CO2-Senker

Wussten Sie schon, dass der Einsatz von Holzschwellen im Schienenverkehr einen erheblichen Beitrag zum Klimaschutz leistet?

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Tasks & goals


To foster all efforts which benefit the wooden sleeper through joint research and development by studying all scientific technical and economic questions that are associated with the railway track system.

Key aspects

Drafting committee:

  • Preparation and organisation of meetings and seminars
  • Scientific/technical publications (preparation, supervision, approval)

Technical committee consisting of the two working groups:

  • Wooden sleeper engineering:
    • Wood technology
    • Impregnation
    • Track fastening
    • Refurbishing
  • Re-use, recycling:
    • Market research
    • Operational, material and thermal recycling
    • Documentation and technical information