Service Life

Combined with a suitable wood protection agent (mineral tar oil, creosote), which is introduced into the wood in a special impregnation process (single Rueping process, improved double Rueping process) by a specialized company, the unique technical properties of the natural material wood, especially the types of wood used in the production of sleepers, such as beech, oak and pine, lead to a long service life of 25 to 30 years when the K-fastener is used (first use in a main stretch).

With the introduction of the KS fastener by Deutsche Bahn, the length of first use of the wooden sleeper rose again considerably, and is estimated today at more than 30 years.

When one considers the further use on branch lines which is common today after the expansion of a main line, the service life mentioned for a wooden sleeper rises again considerably, and with the new KS fastener, adds up to a total of approx. 60 years.